The NC ABC Commission’s Education Community Outreach (ECO) Section works to strengthen the public health, wellness and safety of communities across North Carolina.

Through a multifaceted approach, the ECO Section provides trainings on North Carolina ABC laws and regulations and the sale and service of alcohol, media and community communication assistance, and messaging and resources to promote underage drinking prevention.

The ECO Section offers free, in-person Responsible Alcohol Seller/Server Program (RASP) trainings throughout the state. These point-of-sale training sessions are available for the general public, ABC permit holders and their staff, and requested group trainings. The trainings are modified to meet the needs of the group so they can learn how to maximize their responsible impact in their community. You can find the closest scheduled training near you on our website here. If your business or organization would like to schedule a group training, please fill out the contact webform for additional information.

In the ABC Commission’s effort to prevent the underage consumption of alcohol we have a range of programs and resources offered through the Talk it Out NC (TIONC) initiative. Our TIONC representatives give engaging presentations at schools, educational facilities, conferences, and community outreach projects.  Additionally, TIONC Ambassadors are substance misuse prevention experts located through the state that work to magnify the campaign's outreach.  Visit ( to contact a TIONC ambassador, view our wealth of information including our previously recorded webinars, and sign up to receive engaging information on underage drinking prevention in NC.  If you would like to schedule a program with one of our TIONC representatives, then submit an inquiry form on the TIONC website or contact us for more information. 

The Education Community Outreach Section also provides information and assistance to permit holders, applicants and general inquirers. If you have a question reach out through the contact webform.

Free online trainings are also available. Sign up for the Seller/Server point-of-sale training and the Alcohol Delivery training for delivery drivers here. 

If you have a media request, you can reach out to our media section or submit an inquiry through our online media contact form