General Permit Information

All ABC permits are issued by the ABC Commission in accordance with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Laws and Rules of North Carolina, Chapter 18B. The ABC Commission reviews and issues one-time permits for limited special occasions and special events, as well as permits for retail and commercial activity. 

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Applications for one-time permits are accepted online, by mail or in person at the ABC Commission. Retail and commercial permit applications are accepted via mail or in person at the ABC Commission.

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Retail and commercial permit applicants visiting the ABC Commission are to be seen by a permit specialist by appointment only. If you do not have an appointment, you may leave your completed permit application packet with the receptionist or in the drop box at the front of the Commission to be reviewed by a permit specialist.  If issued, the temporary permit will be emailed to the applicant.

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One-Time Permits Information

Limited Special Occasion permits are issued for individuals or groups hosting functions (wedding receptions, company parties, etc.). Special one-time permits are issued to tax-exempt non-profit or political organizations for fundraising events. Please note, if only beer and/or unfortified wine (16% alcohol or less) is being served at no charge to your guests over the age of 21 years old at a free event and you have the permission of the owner of the premises to serve alcohol on their premises then it is not necessary to obtain an ABC permit. Applications for Limited Special Occasion and Special One-Time permits must be submitted at least 14 days before of the event and are accepted online, by mail or in person at the ABC Commission. 

Retail Permits Information

Retail permits are issued for restaurants, hotels, private clubs, grocery stores, convenience stores, or similar retail establishments. 

Commercial Permits Information

Commercial permits are issued to qualified wholesalers, wineries, breweries, distilleries or similar businesses for activity that includes the manufacturing, producing, and packaging malt beverage and wine products.

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