The ABC Commission Audit / Investigations Section ensures permit holders comply with ABC laws and rules through the investigation of applications for ABC permits, review of Financial and Inventory Reports, on-site inspections, and audits. After a temporary permit is issued, a Permit Compliance Officer will contact the business to discuss relevant ABC regulations and to conduct an investigation to determine whether the location qualifies for the permits issued. In some instances, if the temporary permit cannot be immediately issued, a preliminary investigation may be conducted.  The Audit/ Investigation section also assists with new local ABC Board retail investigations and the approval of premixing requests. 

Additionally, the Audit / Investigations staff monitors ABC permit holders through inspections and Financial and Inventory reports.  These reports are required to ensure permittees maintain certain qualifications for the permits held, to verify that alcohol sales, purchases and inventories are managed correctly, and to ensure that permittees are purchasing alcohol in accordance with Chapter 18.  All ABC permitted businesses are subject to audit; however, mixed beverage permit holders are required to keep the most detailed records. Lastly, the Audit/ Compliance Section may conduct inspections for the purpose of verifying any administrative updates (ie. manager changes) or changes to the business. 

ABC Commission rules require all mixed beverage permit holders to maintain full and accurate monthly records of their finances. The rules require permit holders to submit the required Financial and Inventory Reports on a schedule set by the Audit / Investigations Section.  ABC statutes also require businesses to meet certain criteria. For example, Mixed Beverage restaurants shall have gross receipts from food sales not less than thirty percent (30%) of the business’s total gross receipts from food, nonalcoholic beverages, and on-premises alcoholic beverages.