Violation Notice

The ABC Commission is not involved with criminal charges. If you received a criminal citation for an alcohol-related offense, please contact your local Clerk of Court or a private attorney.

When you receive a “Notice of Alleged Violation” (“Notice”) via certified mail or from law enforcement, you will also receive two copies of a “Proposed Stipulations and Offer in Compromise” form (“Offer”).

If you agree the violation occurred and you are willing to pay the penalty (or take the suspension) shown on the Offer (settle the case), you must sign the Offer and return it to the ABC Commission before the deadline listed on both forms. Do not send payment or take the suspension listed on the Offer at this time!

If you have questions (about the process, reducing penalties, how to dispute violations, etc.), contact the attorney or legal assistant listed on the Notice.

When you mail in the signed Offer by the deadline, your case will be placed on the agenda for the Commission meeting date listed in the Notice. The meetings begin at 10:00 am and are open to the public if you wish to speak to the Commissioners. At these meetings the ABC Chairman and Commissioners vote whether to approve the proposed Offers on the agenda.

If the Commission approves your Offer, a Final Agency Decision (“Order”) will be sent to you via certified mail. The Order includes the payment deadline, instructions for payment (by US Mail: Certified Check / Money Order, or by phone: Visa / Discover / MasterCard), and the suspension start date (if payment is not received). Do not send payment until after you receive a Final Agency Decision!

If you fail to respond to the Notice, the attorney will file a Petition with the Office of Administrative Hearings. An Administrative Law Judge will be assigned to the case and will determine the schedule for a hearing (trial).