ABC Boards in North Carolina are local, independent political subdivisions of the State.  Regulated under Chapter 18B, Article 7 Local ABC Boards. each board consists of three or five members appointed for three year terms by the city governing body or by the board of county commissioners. The mission of local ABC boards and their employees is to serve their localities responsibly by controlling the sale of spirituous liquor and promoting customer-friendly, modern, and efficient stores.

Local ABC boards operate as separate entities and retain the authority to establish their own policies and procedures and adopt rules in conformity with ABC Laws and Commission Rules. They have the authority to hire and fire employees for the ABC system as well as designate management. Local ABC boards may buy, sell, transport, and possess alcoholic beverages as necessary for the operation of its ABC stores.

Each local board has the authority and duty to operate one ABC store. Additional ABC stores may be operated with the approval of the Commission. Spirituous liquor may be sold only in ABC stores operated by local boards. In addition to spirituous liquor, ABC stores may sell fortified wine and wine products, but may not sell any alcoholic beverage which has not been approved by the Commission for sale in this State. The retail price of spirituous liquor sold in ABC stores and permitted distilleries shall be uniform throughout the State, unless otherwise provided by the ABC law.  For more information on the laws and rules governing the operation of ABC Stores, review Chapter 18B, Article 8 Operation of ABC Stores