Do you need a permit for a special event (wedding, birthday party, etc..)?

Apply for a Limited Special Occasion Permit

(G.S. 18B 1001(9)) A limited special occasion permit authorizes the permittee to bring fortified wine and spirituous liquor onto the premises of a business, with the permission of the owner of that property, and to serve those alcoholic beverages to the permittee’s guests at a reception, wedding, party or other special occasion being held there. The permit may be issued to any individual other than the owner or possessor of the premises.  Please note, if only beer and/or unfortified wine (16% alcohol or less) is being served at no charge to your guests over the age of 21 years old at a free event and you have the permission of the owner of the premises to serve alcohol on their premises then it is not necessary to obtain an ABC permit. Complete an Application for Limited Special Occasion Permit and submit with the $50 fee.

To apply for a Limited Special Occasion permit:

  1. Download the Limited Special Occasion Application and follow the instructions on the form 
  2. Apply Online

Please Note: The application packet must be completed and submitted to the Commission at least 14 days prior to the event occurrence.