How to apply for a Retail Permit

  1. Review the requirements.
  2. Download and complete the forms below:
    1. Application for ABC Retail Permit(s)
    2. Local Government Opinion Form
      1. Local Government Opinion Contacts (search for a designated official)
    3. Inspection/Zoning Compliance Form
    4. FEIN-SSN Verification Form
    5. Authority for Release of Information
    6. Ownership Document
    7. Recycling Compliance Form (Application)
    8. Recycling Self Hauling Form
    9. Proof of Alcohol Seller Server Training
  3. Visit these informative pages for assistance in completing these forms:
    1. Finger Printing
    2. Local Government Opinion
    3. ONLINE Seller/Server Training
  4. Make a copy of all application documents for your own records. 
  5. Submit the application packet along with the appropriate fee (complete the credit card authorization form or send payment via certified check, cashier's check, money order made payable to the NC ABC Commission).