Logo and Brand Standards

NC ABC Commission Logo and Brand Usage Standards

  • The full name of the agency is the “North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission”
  • When shortening the name please use “NC ABC Commission” or “The Commission”
  • The term “ABC Board” should be used to reference one of the 171 local municipal/county boards
    • When referencing the work of the NC ABC Commission, please note that it is a regulatory agency and does:
    • Not create legislation (NCGA)
    • Not enforce criminal law (NC ALE)
    • Not run the warehouse (Private Contractor)
    • Not own or run the retail stores (Local ABC Boards)
  • The ABC system in North Carolina should be referred to as a “Control State” and/or “Local Option State”
  • The executive leadership of the NC ABC Commission appointed by the Governor should be referred to as:
    • “The Chairman” or “Chairman Last Name”
    • “Commissioner Last Name”
  • The staff leadership positions of the Commission should be referred to as:
    • “The Deputy Commissioner” or “Deputy Commissioner Last Name”
    • “Director Last Name”
  • Please use the term “Permit Holder” or “Permittee” when referring to businesses/people who sell/serve alcohol

    Logo Use:


ABCC Logo Black & White



Color Guide:
The use of Red, Navy Blue, Light Blue, and Black are all acceptable logo colors.

Typeface Guide:
The serif on top is Century Book, the sans below is Brandon Text (Medium first line, Black second line).